Monday, March 19, 2012

Millennial Feminism

"Can you be sure of getting your voice heard in a group where you are the only representative of your gender?"  When this question was asked of a group of students at International during the recent diversity day, every Girl said "no" and every Boy said "yes".  Whether we're calling it the 3rd wave or 4th,  and even if there is a tendency for some women to say, "I'm not a feminist, but...,"the women's movement remains relevant today.  But does it have a spokesperson?
The Sunday New York times (March 18th) asked why no one has replaced Gloria Steinem as the voice of feminism.  Their answer - in short - is that her legacy has dispersed into many different places.  Steinem herself says "Only a diverse group can symbolize a movement."  
One place where young feminists are making their voices heard is the blog the F-bomb started by Julie Zeilinger.  The "F" here stands for feminist, not the other f-word, but the intended double meaning speaks to the forthright uncensored voice of the blog.  Zeilinger made newsweek's list of 150 Fearless Women, but her blog is written by a variety of teenage women who speak elegantly about their experiences, about sex education, about machismo, about the media, about sexual assault, about perfectionism.   The internet has allowed the women from around the world to find community, and to make their voices heard.

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