Thursday, January 12, 2012

Surf Now, Read Later

It must be a fundamental law that you will discover the most interesting, useful information online when you have the least time to sit down and read it.  And then when you have some quiet time with your handheld device of choice (smartphones, tablets, and e-readers, oh my!) you end up playing angry birds because you can't remember where that list of the best 100 iPad apps was.

There are a lot of options out there for saving web content to view later - here are just two to consider:

Both require you to create a log in and work by giving you a bookmarklet to put in your bookmark bar so you can just click when you're on a page and the content will be saved to your account.

Read It Later
This app is currently implementing a new interface that looks great, includes a picture from the saved page, and seems very well suited to iPad use. Integrates with quite a few apps, including Flipboard and Zite.

A little more established and robust than Read It Later. Integrates with lots and lots of apps.  Exports to more formats (including epub, which interests me as a new Nook owner) for reading offline.

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