Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Beyond Books - Untraditional Libraries

The traditional image of a library is a place you go to check out books, and maybe music and movies, but libraries are not limited to words and sound.  While here at International we mostly lend books and dvds, we also lend computers and e-readers, not to mention paperclips, staplers, post-it notes, scissors, glue sticks and other tools to get that paper in on time or complete that group project.

Here are some other libraries going beyond books:

The Seed Library at the San Francisco Public Library- borrow seeds and return harvested seeds from your best specimens.  Over time the library will house seeds specially adapted to San Francisco!

The Tool Lending Library in Berkeley - for all your DIY needs (but only if you own property in Berkeley)

The Naturalist Center at the California Academy of Science - a library where you can find snakes, skulls and beetles along with books and magazines. 

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